Anoko to Iikoto Episode 01

04 October 2015 11320 4 No comments


Lunchtime of school. The boy of the pubescence has gathered, ero talk unfolded naturally. In front of Okoshi, two friends have a heated breast talk. The talk of two people will escalate before long, it begins to talk about the chest of Takita who is the classmate. Takita was at the position so as to hear the conversation of Okoshi, but was crazy about the operation of a smart phone and was unresponsive. Friend alone, brings up a subject to Okoshi who doesn’t participate in the conversation so much. Okoshi like estranging two people who are speaking very highly of Takita’s chest, it is said that there is uneasy feeling on that chest. It is disturbed by Takita who heard a conversation when going to talk about the reason of uneasy feeling. Though the place has become a close there, but Okoshi is called by Takita by the schoolhouse back after school. After school, it is called without understanding the reason uneasy Okoshi, Takita questions about the uneasy feeling of the chest that Okoshi felt. Though it flinches to Takita’s power, Okoshi explains usual posture of Takita doesn’t seem to be a person of the huge breasts. Takita who hears Okoshi’s explanation leads Okoshi’s hand to the chest, lt is confessed to deceive the size of the chest with the pad. Takita has said to Okoshi touching Okoshi’s chest as the muzzling terms of this. Though Okoshi said it conceals even if it doesn’t do such thing, Takita who is hearing the conversation in daytime says that it cannot trust Okoshi who doesn’t have the advantage that secures privacy. Takita’s desperate attitude will be seen and Okoshi touch Takita’s chest. And Okoshi stretched out a hand on a chest of Takita covered by a pad.

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