Junk Land The Animation Episode 01

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[I am suitable for you] Open cafe in Akihabara. Nonaka-san and Ebikawa-kun who is eating kebab sandwich. Two of the Otaku interests had gotten a large amount of booty. [I want to stop by one place after] Nonaka-san having invited it to the Adult Shop. Nonaka-san, it makes Ebikawa-kun puzzled and attach an indecent undergarment, it takes it into the private bathroom in an identical building…!? [Your and my escape] The Nonaka-san and Ebikawa-kun are playing the sex education in the classroom. Though the play started to say from Nonaka-san it becomes shameful at once. However, it seemed to be interesting and has tried the adult toy who bought it in the adult Shop the other day for ecchi. Two that were not able to be endured, it does in a without change classroom until the ecchi. [Drunkenness-free time] All of manken come to karaoke by close of a test and the part work. The only girl member Arihara-san, the must not do way tension feeling in a floating feeling. Though it has a cocktail to relax, sake is drunk too much just now. Arihara-san who gets drunken do dizziness, it attacks all of the male members.

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