Koakuma Kanojo The Animation Episode 01

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[Tsun x Devi] The schoolgirl mika, the unrequited love was done to classmate Kazuya. However if a love person touches the chest and the ass grow, Mika where tail of demon grows. While suffering mental anguish today, it fiddles with the tail of the demon and it fucks oneself. However that scene, it is witnessed to Kazuya very much. Mika where the excitement is not installed even if it ejaculates from the tail. [Sisters ring] I wonder “The cursed DVD of rumor when seeing”, it reproduces by wanting see the scary think. Then a huge hand appears from a monitor and pats the body. At once it becomes hot between groins. Ii confirms my genitals, It screams suddenly. When my younger sister rushes and the genitals is seen…very much between my groins, the penis erected hard has grown.

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