Koikishi Purely-Kiss The Animation Episode 01

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Fujimamoyou in the childhood, Taking the opportunity of the thing from which the life was saved by a certain knight, It swore it that It becomes a knight who can protect many people. Time flows with entrance to knight Training school the white Imperial prince educational institution, The joining to the white following knight Imperial prince squadron has been decided too. Then having waited meeting companions who both act as knight member. And the reunion of Pretty girl ell Shia of blond hair who pledged each other becoming a knight when it was young. Though two connected by friendship like the comrade-in-arms, Each other is gradually made opposite sex it considers and it relates awkwardness. The event going it there occurs. It saves the desperate struggle ell Shia who falls… Two distances being sure being sure to contract, Ell Shia who cannot become obedient…

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