Love Colon Episode 01

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[Maid Mania] Yui who is working at the maid cafe, it was thought that speaking with the guest putting on cute clothes was happy. However to boyfriend Maa-kun, it doesn’t only enjoy it when uniformed, it is said that the mind is a lewd mode in seeing will do, it does feeling excited. While confirming feelings each other, one hit serve in the mouth, second is a dedicating inside ejaculation finish for the body!! [Sweet Sweat First part] Erika is a person of influence who passes the student level by the ace of the tennis club. The national athletic meeting is won many times, because the face is also cute it is a celebrity in the school. Though there are a lot of boys who join a club by Erika view too, it resigns at once in her violent language. Erika to the boy member Midorikawa who remained from first grade of junior high-school [When i am defeated i hear anything] match challenge. Though the ability difference was clear, the ball passed in the side of Erika which relaxed one’s guard. Erika who prepares oneself according to the promise, the breast is abruptly exposed.

Love Colon

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