Mankitsu Happening Episode 01

28 March 2015 33294 18 No comments


Oyamada Keiichi who has by birth troubles through women. He did “the good thought” with woman of several hundred so far. The woman who is related with him very much, a chance happening comes in succession regardless of an intention each other, “Lucky pervert” develops. However troubles through women to the last there. It is likely to suffer after it has nice time, all work has not lasted long for him so far. A certain day, Keiichi which decided to live alone, the telephone from very few friends. The contents, wanting you to work at the manga tea house that the friend is managing. Friend’s offer cannot be refused, Keiichi that will work. However it is made to pair suddenly with the female employee in the manga tea house in which it found employment, it is rejoined with the daughter who is loving like the younger sister. Though it is puzzled to the situation called the woman right and left, Keiichi that strives every day. Can he keep working safely?

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