Waisetsu Missile The Animation Episode 01

31 August 2013 22590 12 No comments


[Retribution weather] Kasumi Nagatsuki was drawing the thought to Takemura of the class of next to. One day the scene where Takemura is being made burbling by delinquent three people is witnessed. When Kasumi protects someone Takemura, that next day Kasumi is called next time by defects. Instead of not putting out the hand to Takemura, the intention that does to saying Kasumi. Kasumi is sacrificed for Takemura, to defects…!? [Milk Party!] It began to keep milk cows Ushiko in the house of masaware. The milk cow in this world, the appearance like girl that does costume play is done at all. Next morning, Mother is seen to be milking ushiko. Masaware that gets excited for a moment, when speaking to the friend in the educational institution. Ecchi with ushiko is recommended…!!

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